How to Trigger that Aha! Moment

Creativity isn’t limited to artists with canvases: we all tap it daily while problem solving and day dreaming. Even bantering with colleagues is creative. Yet those “Aha!” moments where we crack the code, land on that tagline, figure out the methodology for a program…those can be elusive. We’ve surveyed tips from development experts, tech innovators, and even David Lynch. Here are some of their most effective tools to harness creativity:

(1) Brainstorm constructively will friends and colleagues. Open the conversation to all ideas and put the temptation to critique aside.
(2) Study what doesn’t work–in fact, study what is terrible. The lessons and inspiration to do better will jump right out at you!
(3) Figure out your “self-expression comfort zone”: what leads you to honest, unedited ideas? Doodling? Extemporaneous writing? Figure out what makes you honest, and activate it.
(4) Or, go beyond your comfort zone. Pick up a magazine you’ve never read, listen to a totally different type of music, sleep on the “wrong” side of the bed. Your brain will thank you!
(5) Maintain a positive attitude. Be open to starting over or from a completely different angle.

Let us know what strategies work best for you when you need a creative boost!