The Ream Foundation approached us to help identify a name and brand identity for a new health research initiative they were set to launch. Misophonia, a condition that presents as extreme sensory sensitivity, has to date been widely misunderstood. Ream decided to invest significantly in research in order to ultimately help it be more easily diagnosed and to find a cure. To attract the best researchers, they needed a credible name and brand. And in order to do that, we helped them first understand their brand ethos. We then helped to identify a name, position their brand, and designed a logo and outreach tools that evoke their commitment to scientific rigor and an empathetic approach.


The small network of people and institutions carrying out misophonia research was ad hoc, with a lot of similarly named but unofficial efforts in the mix. Because misophonia is not yet officially recognized as a condition, it was important to help legitimize the foundation’s commitment with a strong brand identity. 

Aha! Moment

After an in-depth consultation with staff members and the board, we understood that a commitment to both scientific rigor and compassion were important; they needed to attract the best researchers and reduce confusion around what they set out to do vis a vis the other nascent efforts. They needed a brand look and feel that felt a touch formal but also accessible, and the name had to be instantly understandable.  

  • Brand Strategy
  • Communications Assessment
  • Logo Design
  • Messaging
  • Web Design and Development
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Public Health


We came up with the name Misophonia Research Fund–an easy to digest, accurate description of their intentions. The tagline “Advance breakthroughs. End suffering” spoke to their sense of urgency and overall goal of a cure. For the brand identity, we used colors that evoke both hope and directly connect to the medical research field. We provided a comprehensive brand style guide that could be applied to all forms of media, designs for outreach materials as well as the architecture and design for their website.


The Misophonia Research Fund has already launched its first call for applications, and intends to award five to ten research grants annually, providing up to $400,000 per recipient for projects to study misophonia, develop tools for diagnosis, and assess treatment approaches to provide relief to individuals with the condition. Interested applicants and others curious to learn more about misophonia now have a a credible online resource, and the Ream Foundation has a strong brand for this effort that reflects their commitment.

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