1.3 Million Treated, Project Extended

The ENVISION project works in 19 different countries throughout Latin America, Asian and Africa with prominent NTDs outbreaks. As the largest collaboration between public and private sectors in USAID’s history, ENVISION has provided more than 1.3M treatments to people of NTD zones with $8.8 billion in donated medicines. Due to its progress and cost-effectiveness, USAID will increase the project’s funding by $175 million, extending the project to 2019.

Check out part of our collaboration with RTI in the creation of the ENVISION website: http://ensemble-media.com/portfolios/usaid-envision-website/

Press-release: http://www.rti.org/newsroom/news.cfm?obj=694BA371-FF57-1B72-3172711C18E86547&ref=email

ENVISION Project: http://www.ntdenvision.org/